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Software and additional files available to download:

Chameleon Clock - version 5.1, best skins, sounds and icons, languages, wallpapers, updates
Chameleon Calendar - version 1.0
Chameleon Icons - version 1.0

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The latest release is version 5.1. The distribution kit includes 55 skins and 17 sample sounds.

Please select one of the following download locations:

Softshape.com (USA) :

Additional skins pack (50 selected Winamp skins and digit styles):

Download skins pack (740 Kb)

Additional icons pack (111 selected icons to use in Chameleon Clock alarm messages):

Download icons pack (93 Kb)

Additional sounds to use in alarms: 

Download Alarms sounds (1,120 Kb)
Download Clocks sounds (505 Kb)
Download Computer sounds (310 Kb)
Download Music sounds (1,395 Kb)
Download Nature sounds (720 Kb)
Download Phone sounds (800 Kb)
Download Voice sounds (1,240 Kb)

The latest version is 1.0.

Download Chameleon Calendar:

Softshape.com: Download chamcalendar.exe (2,905k setup) or Download chamcalendar.zip (2,883k Zip archive)

Download Christmas Skin:

Softshape.com: Download christmas2005.csz (237k self-installed skin)

The latest version is 1.0.

Download Chameleon Icons:

Softshape.com: Download chamicons.exe (3,609k setup)
Recommended Updates

In order to run Chameleon Clock under Windows® 95, you may need to install the following updates by Microsoft:

Latest COMCTL32 update
Microsoft HTML Help update

Cmdtime 3 is easy-to-use command-line utility which adjusts computer's date and time via Internet Time Servers. It's recommended to use it either standalone, or in batch-files, or with external shedulers.

Download Cmdtime 3 (57k Zip archive)

TOutlookButton 1.0 is a Delphi button component that can have different looks - as Outlook Bar button, as Microsoft Office-style toolbar button, and as fully transparent button. It was created for Chameleon Clock first, but now any Delphi-programmer can use it in his projects for free. Exe-sample is included in archive.

Download TOutlookButton 1.0 (93k Zip archive)

Inno7zip is a tool for those developers who use Inno Setup, ISTool, ISPP, and 7-zip together. It makes life a bit easier and adds some new features.

Download Inno7zip (44k Zip archive)