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Chameleon Calendar
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Chameleon Calendar creates an active custom calendar on yourdesktop wallpaper. You can set up pleasant working atmosphere by changing desktop view (background image, calendar arrangement, fonts, colors etc.) and adding a full-functional PIM like a calendar which can be small or large, transparent or, even, hidden on your desktop.

Chameleon Calendar works with any background style, always providing the best result possible, using its unique Chameleon Skin feature. It analyzes desktop wallpaper and adaptscalendar to bevisible on any background.

Small Calendar view
Full Desktop Calendar view

Chameleon Calendar lets you to:

set transparency of calendar;
schedule business day clicking on a calendar
(move mouse on calendar to read your records);
show half or whole next month;
select any skin and background image for your calendar;
set random background image from folder or image list;
change backgrounds with any time period;
show weeks numbers;
organize your desktop icons;
show the current date in the system tray icon;
print calendar and records.



Chameleon Calendar
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Chameleon Clock calendar

Calendar pops up when you
just move the mouse cursor
over the desktop
Chameleon Clock.