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Windows Vista compatibleChameleon Clock synchronizes your computer with atomic clock time either in background by specified intervals or manually at any time. It's compatible with all the latest Windows versions, including Windows Vista™ with enabled UAC (User Access Control) which prevents most applications from changing computer's time. To ensure 100% precise atomic time synchronization Chameleon Clock uses the following 4 Key Atomic Clock Technologies:

1. Fine-tuning with hardware atomic clock

Synchronization algorithm was fine-tuned with a real hardware atomic clock device in London. As a result, regular Chameleon Clock's atomic time adjustment keeps the difference between your computer clock and the time standard no more than 10 milliseconds.


2. Choosing the Best Atomic Clock Servers

To ensure 100% precision, Chameleon Clock queries not one but several Atomic Clock Servers. You can choose any number from the list of 150 servers depending on their fastest response time. To connect to the Time Servers Chameleon Clock uses the quickest and most reliable SNTP-protocol.

3. Automatic Blocking of Sudden Time Changes

Chameleon Clock can block any time adjustments caused by third party programs or by BIOS errors, which make a standard Windows clock time go wrong. This unique feature is based on Windows ticker that counts the period from Windows startup. Using this count, Chameleon Clock calculates the current time independently from Windows clock time and corrects it, if needed.

4. Keeping Atomic Clock Synchronization Logs

Any time adjustments including the time of servers’ querying, the list of servers and synchronization results are recorded in Atomic Clock Synchronization Logs. Synchronization reports, made from these logs, are useful documents for system administrators and other professionals whose work depends on 100% computer clock precision.

National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD) Compliance

Chameleon Clock Atomic Clock Synchronization feature is specially tuned to comply with the Order of National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD®). Following NASD requirements, Chameleon Clock provides atomic time synchronization, re-synchronization and documenting. See the Chart of NASD Recommendations and Chameleon Clock Functions.

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