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In order to make Chameleon Clock the most powerful organizer for managing, planning, and tracking your active business and personal life, we integrated it with 2 other personal information manager (PIM) applications - WinOrganizer and Quick To-Do Pro. All of them were carefully selected for their high quality, uniqueness, usefulness, and intuitive interface. There are 2 different packages available. Each package is offered with a discount that allows you to get an integrated multipurpose PIM system for 20% less than if you registered the applications separately. Look at our packages and see how they can help you in managing everything what found its place at sticky notes, address book and diary.

That is much more than two different applications!

After any package is set up, an additional submenu item appears in Chameleon Clock menu, that allows to open with a mouse click such main functions of selected PIM as creating new tasks, notes, and to-do items. In order to reduce your computer memory load by not having both programs opened all the time, Chameleon Clock monitors and runs upcoming events and to-do items that you've created in the PIM. Moreover, it shows upcoming events and to-do items of both programs in its advanced tooltip. It is quite enough to have only Chameleon Clock running to be sure that you will not miss any of the events created.

WinOrganizer with its customizable treeview-style interface, completed with WordPad-like rich-text tools, will help you to save notes, alarms, appointments, bookmark lists, to-do lists, birthdays, anniversaries, and contacts. Events and Tasks areas alert you to holidays and other special days, as well as upcoming meetings and appointments, puting them into Chameleon Clock Tooltip. The Notes module is especially suited for storing text-based information such as notes, recipes, quotations, and Web page links. Organize personal and business addresses (postal, Web, and email) and phone numbers with PhoneBook module. You'll find customizable fields, flexible sorting and filters, dialing capabilities, and integration with your email program and Web browser.

Price: $67.95 (you save 20% ($14) from actual price!)

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Buy Chameleon Clock + WinOrganizer Package and get 20% off

Quick To-Do Pro will track your daily to-do list. You can color-code to-do tasks according to priority and attach any type of file (such as a Word or Excel document or a .zip archive) to a task and run it directly from the program. In addition, Quick To-Do Pro has built-in project-management functions, letting you assign tasks to any user-defined project and/or to the person responsible for the task. It also has powerful filtering tools and alarms. Moreover, it will keep your diary; remind you of anniversaries, holidays (United States holidays are preinstalled), and birthdays; and give you information on each day, such as week number and day number. Quick To-Do Pro takes a small resource footprint, and works very quickly.

Price: $47.95 (you save 20% ($12) from actual price!)

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Buy Chameleon Clock + Quick To-Do Pro Package and get 20% off
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