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Chameleon Clock is a desktop clock which purpose is to be useful, user-friendly, and beautiful. It is where the power of both features and interface is combined with simplicity.

Check how Chameleon Clock makes a standard Windows tray clock a tiny piece of art by using Winamp skins and bitmap digits. Several skins are included in the distribution as examples; and you can download more from numerous places on the Internet.

xp tray Chameleon Clockfully replaces a standard Windows tray clock ! It builds itself right into the taskbar and doesn't eat any desktop space (while can be used as a standalone desktop clock, also).
vista tray windows vista compatibleIt's Windows Vista™ compatible and comes with several skins made especially for Vista's dark tray background.

cham clock

Chameleon Clock offers all of the most important features a system clock may have, plus more:

Highly customizable clockface - using Winamp skin and digit styles that exactly meet your tastes;
 Building itself into the taskbar, replacing Windows clock and not eating any desktop space.
 Wallpaper Clock and Screensaver, specially developed for Chameleon Clock by famous art wallpaper studio Vladstudio.com
100% accurate - by synchronizing the computer's clock with Atomic Clock Servers;
Enhanced alarms - show messages with custom icons, open applications and documents, and shutdown computer at specified time;
Play sounds in MP3, MIDI, WAV, and CD Audio formats with Fade In, Winamp playlist support;
Talking Clock multilingual feature;
Showing the current time over the world;
Advanced tooltip - quick access to any information important for you;
Quick access to Julian date, Swatch time, and moon phases in the Advanced Tooltip and the calendar.
Position on top of other windows and screensavers (except DirectX);
Enhanced calendar and ladies' periods watch (function that can be hidden from casuals)
Support of transparent background, blink colon, date and seconds, 12/24-hours format, and other clockface options;
Multilingual interface support;
Easy hiding with just one mouse click and restoring with just one mouse movement;
Support of WinOrganizer and Quick To-Do Pro (packages are available at 20% discount);
Complete help system using the latest HTML Help technology for easy searching the answers for your questions.
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