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Chameleon Clock has localized interfaces in more than 20 languages. While English language is included in the distribution package, modules for other languages can be downloaded here.

To install a new language, download self-extracted language file from a list below and run it. It will install itself into Chameleon Clock directory. Then restart the program and select the language from Main Dialog - Languages menu.

Language files are backward-compatible. You can use any version of the language with the latest clock, just some new strings will be displayed in English.

Languages available for the version 4.2
french French created by Jean-Guy Paquette
russian Russian created by Sergey Vasiljev
Languages available for the version 3.6
Dutch created by Carlos Id
Italian created by ITS di Bonacasa Riccardo
Languages available for the version 3.2
German created by Kay Siegmund, www.wilddive.de
Lithuanian created by Petras Kimbrys
Languages available for the version 3.10
Spanish created by Miguel Nobau
Swedish created by Bo Olsson

(can be used also with later versions, while new features will be in English)

Bahasa Malaysia created by Brandon Ooi
Japanese created by Komaki B. Shirato
Spanish 2 created by Joey Byrtus (homepage)

(can be used also with later versions, while new features will be in English)

Chinese (simplified) created by Guo Zhong
Chinese (traditional) created by Sp Lin
German created by Patrick Moelders,
includes Help file translated by Stephen George Vogeli
Greek created by Ioannis F. Sotiriadis
Finnish created by Erno Aalto
Norwegian created by Anders Venaas
Polish created by Radek Pytlik
Swedish created by Lasse B Lundin

If you can help us to implement the support to your native language, please drop us a line, and you'll get a free registration! Just please contact us prior to starting the translation, and you'll receive instructions how to do this.

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