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"A great clock and the only one I feel that is worth any sort of commendation is Chameleon Clock"


"After trying the demo version of Chameleon Clock, most people will find it hard to go back to the regular Windows clock."

CNet review

"Every time I share my desktop to perform a demo people see that my taskbar clock looks like [screenshot] and I am always asked where I got this clock, so I thought I'd share the answer in my blog as well."

Fritz Onion

"This is one of the best and most functional utilities I've ever seen. Truly well executed. This is a program I want!"

David Parker

"This is one of the most clever, useful and attractive programs I have ever, in years and years of Windows use, come across and the very first Shareware program I have felt truly deserving of registration (and one I was not willing to "live without"). You have done a fantastic job! Making Windows work and look the way *I* want is an obsession of mine, so skins for the clock are just exactly my "cup of tea". Congratulations again on a great and versatile product."

Nancy Smith

"I would like to say that the Beta 2 of Chameleon clock is just what the doctor ordered! I LOVE the toolbar integration. This is EXACTLY where I want my clock to be, yet I still have the flexibility to customize it with Skins and gifs. I am definitely looking forward to the release of the update!"

Darrell Westbury

"Well, I have seen 2.0, and it's fantastic! Surely the main advantage is building into tray - I did not use 1.21 just because this feature was missing. I have gone through a number of clocks, and I should say that 2.0 is likely to be not only the best of them - it seems the ideal one!"

Michael Hoffman

"I want to thank you for developing Chameleon Clock. Let me tell you why I appreciate your program. I have a visual disability, so it is VERY difficult for me to see the Win98 standard Taskbar Clock, even though I use Larger Font. I can now use a "Skin" with very Large numbers! Thanks to you, I can now see the time with a single glance, instead of squinting and moving closer to the screen. I will share your "Chameleon Clock" website with everyone I know, especially others with vision problems!"

Alan S. Blatt

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What users are saying
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