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Try any of these stylish Wallpaper Clocks, specially developed for Chameleon Clock by famous art wallpaper studio Vladstudio.com. Use them as wallpaper or screensaver. No more standard clock hands - enjoy these creative paintings showing date and time.


  1. Download and install Chameleon Clock
  2. Download a Wallpaper Clocks (select the right size for your monitor).
  3. Double-click on the downloaded .wcz files - this will add the wallpaper to the program. Alternatively, you can save .wcz file to Program Files / Chameleon Clock / Wallpapers folder.
  4. Open Skins - Wallpapers and select the wallpaper from the list.

Designer specification

Wallpaper Clocks is a new format for dynamic wallpapers, which doesn't require Active Desktop and gives a designer unlimited freedom in the clock implementation. If you want to create your own design, you're welcomed to read our specification.

Gallery (click to select a resolution):

green fieldTimeflow  
Old StoneMetal  


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